In 2002 Source Display Inc. expanded our services to meet the growing demand for in-store installations. Our team of experienced installers are problem solvers that enable them to meet daily challenges that arise. This ability is critical to successful open store installation environment.

We install,

* gondola racking systems
* custom designed fixtures
* industrial racking systems
* interior signage and graphics
* cash wraps
* sales counter
* checkouts
* point of purchase merchandisers

Our pool of skilled installers is drawn from the construction, renovation and metal fabrication industries. The team is experienced at working in an operating environment and projects a professional attitude and appearance. They are accustomed to travel and out of town installations.

Source Display Inc. has the resources to staff and manage simultaneous projects throughout Western Canada.


Steve Eraut
Phone: 604-232-0577 ext 106
Email: Steve Eraut